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Welcome to Rotary Valve-Solutions. We build, remanufacture, and supply rotary valves of all types and sizes. From industrial grade cast iron to ultra-sanitary stainless steel USDA Dairy grade and pharmaceutical grade valves. Our team of highly skilled machinists have over 100 years combined experience machining and rebuilding rotary valves and other high precision components. Combine that with an engineering staff with a broad range of experience supplying rotary valves to numerous industries and dealing with the tough applications first hand. Our extensive knowledge of rotary valves and the industries they serve gives us the expertise to provide solutions for all of your rotary valve needs.

Do you have a rotary valve that is in need of service or rebuilding? Do you need a rotary valve for a new application? Do you have an existing application that is having problems? Are you a rotary valve manufacture looking for help with fabrication, machining, or assembly?

If you answered yes to any of these questions Rotary Valve-Solutions can help you!